Spyder E-MR5 Electronic Paintball Marker

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New for 2013, the Spyder EMRTM5 features the new "Advance" electronic trigger frame with the LEAP 3TM circuit board and color access mode display (SAFE, SEMI, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, Full Auto and low battery indicator). The EMRTM5 comes stock with a 9-round magazine capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs and the new First StrikeTM paintball from Tiberius Arms. The First StrikeTM paintball offers 2x more range and 25x more accuracy; claims made by Tiberius Arms.

  • Mil-Sim Style Electronic Paintball Marker with Advance Electronic Trigger Frame
  • LEAP Circuit Board with Color Access Mode Display
  • Air Efficient Eko Valve System Will Shoot Up To 1600 Shots from 20oz CO2 Tank
  • DLS-Dual Loading System, SE-First Strike Equipped, and 9 Round First Strike Capable Magazine Included
  • AR15 Style Charging Handle, Adjustable SOPMOD Shoulder Stock with Angled Butt Plate and Quad RIS Barrel Shroud