Cytac Glock Holster WE/TM/KJW - FDE

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The Cytac Glock Airsoft holster is the ideal holster for any airsoft player looking for the most versatile holster on the market. Made from extremely durable high-tech polymer the holster is able to operate at extreme temperatures as low as -30℃ and as high as 180℃.
The holster includes a safety locking system that allows for quick release and draw of your airsoft pistol however keeps it locked in place when holstered. In addition to this the fully adjustable design of this holster can be rotated 360 degrees to be drawn from any angle. This allows it to be used in any situation from trying to stealthily hide your airsoft pistol on your back to showing it off on your belt. 
This is one of the most versatile and comfortable holsters on the market. With unmatched durability and comfort the Cytac Glock airsoft holster is the choice of operators everywhere!

• Made of durable high-tech polymer materials
• Extreme temperature tolerance
o Operation:-30℃ to 180℃ 
o Storage: -40℃ to 200℃
• Holster has a quick-release/quick-locking button that allows for quick draw of your airsoft pistol and automatic locking when your pistol is holstered
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application(i.e. small of back, cross draw) for ultimate versatility
• Comfortable soft silicone paddle securely fits holster to belt
• Fast and easy draw while still providing great retention